Rafaella's Laurel scroll

Rafaella's Laurel scroll

Rafaella's Laurel scroll (18" x 24"). Calligraphy by Lady Tegan of Conwy. Illumination by Lady Alexandria Delassene Kourkouaina and Lady Tegan of Conwy.
Picture by Rafaella. (I'm sorry this isn't a better shot cuz the gold leaf on this is quite lovely, not just the big stuff on the wording but throughout the vegetation.)

This picture is prior to the Black Lion seal and signature being completed. Signs and symbols of friends are embedded in the illumination. In the lower left above the Black Lion seal is the white mascle (open diamond shape) of Lady Teceangl Bach. The white horse is carrying a flag with the badge of Lady Tegan of Conwy (the calligrapher) on it. The black scallops are my badge. The black stag alludes to Dame Zenobia Naphtali. The symbol on the flag being held by the stag is a "crampon" which is the badge of Lady Alexandria (the illuminator) [crampons are metal bars bent at the ends which are used in pairs to move stuff]. The angel is holding a scroll with my motto "Paratum cor meum" which is the first line of Psalm 107 (108) and means "My heart is ready". Above the angel is the red trivet of Signora Francesca Testarosa de'Martini. In the lower right by the Kingdom seal is the golden hawk's lure of Countess Elisabeth de Rossignol.

The text reads thusly:

Greetings unto all and singular, Gunnarr and Gabriell, by right of arms and inspiration King and Queen of An Tir sendeth due and humble commendation and greeting. The excellence and endeavors of Our subject, Rafaella d'Allemtejo, have moved Us. Therefore we, the said King and Queen of An Tir, not only by the common renown but also by the report and witness of divers persons, worthy to be taken of word and credence, are plainly advertised and informed that Rafaella d’Allemtejo, is well worthy in all places of honor with other nobles and gentles to be accepted and taken by certain ensigns and demonstances of honor and noblesse, that is to say we do make and create her a Companion and Mistress of the Right Noble Order of the Laurel of the Society for Creative Anachronism, to have and to hold such style, title and dignity, with all and singular the privileges, honors, and all other things belonging or appertaining to the state of a Companion of the Laurel, as long as she lives. We affirm by these Letters Patent her exclusive right to bear the arms following, Sable, on a chevron throughout argent, an escallop vert. As further token of Our esteem, We grant her the right to bear a helm, mantling sable doubled argent, crest, supporters, compartment and motto, and the privilege of displaying above her shield, in whole or in part, the achievement proper to the Order: to wit, a wreath of laurel vert. Every part and parcel thereof I, the said Black Lion Principal Herald, by power and authority annexed and granted unto my office under the great seal of An Tir, do ratify and confirm unto Rafaella d'Allemtejo according to the Law of Arms, to have and enjoy forevermore without impediment, let or interruption of any person or persons. In witness whereof We, Gunnarr and Gabriell, have caused these Our letters to be made patent at Mountain Edge, on this sixth day of September, Anno Societatis XXXVIII, being 2003 of the Common Era.

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